Will Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Always Boom in Presence of Enabling Environment?

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Abstract: Bangladesh shows presence of an enabling environment for public-private partnership (PPP) policy delivery due to having political support, institutional development, financial commitment and legal coverage with PPP Act. However, during last five years, only 6 projects have reached at contract sign stage. It indicates that presence of an enabling PPP environment does not always guarantee PPP policy delivery to a great extent. Therefore, the overarching research question of this study is ‘will public-private partnership (PPP) always boom in presence of enabling environment? If not, why? To address the research question, qualitative research approach is adopted and thirty public sector officials working at field level, Ministries and PPP implementing agencies have been interviewed with semi-structured questionnaire. The study finds that implementing agencies’ inability to identify PPP suitable projects, lack of understanding and interaction among the public and private partners, lengthy delivery process, capacity constraints and interest deficiency among the private investors, and political interference affect PPP delivery. Findings of the study indicate PPP policy requires synthesized approach of policy implementation instead of mere focusing on top-down view.  Therefore, there is a need to address other factors to a great extent for enhanced and successful PPP delivery.

Keywords: Public-private partnerships, PPP delivery, synthesized approach, top-down view.

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SAYADAT, N., & Haque , A. . (2020). Will Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Always Boom in Presence of Enabling Environment? . South Asian Journal of Policy and Governance, 44(2), 47–64. Retrieved from http://sjpgjournal.com/index.php/sjpg/article/view/38